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Flickr : my photos online - this also includes some ESL oriented galleries of photos collected from other members on themes related to holidays, good for discussions, etc
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My wiki for Tech tools how tos - Try It On Tech

I currently teach in the ACE program. Teacher Training for the certificate is offered at the Mount Royal campus and other courses are offered online, including the Diploma and Advanced Grammar and was part of developing the Certificate in Language Learning and Technology. If you have an interest in learning more about integrating technology into your teaching, I recommend checking it out! Find out more below.

ACE - Advanced Consulting for Education Teacher Training opportunities

Mount Royal University International Education - Teacher Training information


2015 REALize 2015 Talk It Up: The Speaking Portfolio in Application (part 2)
Jan 24, 2015 at 11:45 am CST

2014 ATESL Speaking Portfolio (see below)

2014 TESL PHE Speaking Portfolio (see TESL Canada Presentation below)

2014 ATESL Miniconference: Generating a Thousand Words using Images in your Classroom

2014 TESL Canada Presentation: Flipping the Language Classroom
2014 TESL Canada Presentation:

2014 Local Workshop - Technology and Tools

2014 rEALize 2014: Copyright in a Brave New World

2013 ATESL Presentation: Copyright in a Brave New World (Ignite format)

2013 ATESL Central Alberta Workshop: A Tour of and Social Media for PD.

2011 ATESL Calgary Strategies for Organizing Instruction with Technology
2011 ATESL Calgary Copyright: A Cautionary Tale

2011 E-Learning Symposium in Red Deer. Presentation: Say Yes to the Tech

2011 TESL Canada presentation: Four Strands - Eight Tools (with a few edits - but the same tools)

2010 ATESL Conference - Presentation: "Four Strands - Eight Tools: Inspiring Innovation"

2008: ATESL - Red Deer Workshop on Assessment:

2007: ATESL Conference - Presentation: Wikis and Gabcast

2007: ATESL Conference - Presentation: Amazing Minds in Cambridge

2006: ATESL Conference - Presentation: ESL Podcasting

2005: ATESL Workshop - Online Survey tools

ATESL Demonstration: Your ESL Tickle Trunk - a toolbox of activity ideas