Four Strands - Eight Tools: Inspiring Innovation
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Learn more about using technology in your classroom by enrolling in the ACE Certificate in Language Teaching and Technology. An online course offered through Mount Royal University that I was part of developing. In this three month online experience, you will review the theory, learn about the tools and get hands-on with the ones that fit your needs and learn about integrating technology in your teaching. Next courses start January 15, 2012, or May15, 2011. Learn at your own pace and build that technology tool-box!!

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Just a note here: my FAVOURITE reading tool is LEXTUTOR... I hope you were able to attend Tom Cobb's keynote address at the ATESL 2010 conference and are exploring that site for use in your class. If you saw my presentation at TESL Canada - I highly recommend going to for some great tools for vocabulary use. But this site is so rich that I'm not sure it would have fit into this presentation - I don't know if I could have talked FAST enough to give you even a glimpse at all it offers. Here's the link for your convenience.
Instead - here are my two recommendations - light and easy for some fun in your class - a gentle easing into the presentation with tools that are an easy first step into trying something out in your classroom.




Listen and Write

This is a site where you can create dictation activities from audio or video clips.

A brief intro video I made using screenr is here.

Go and try a video that I put together for the presentation from the Rick Mercer Report here.

You can try a dictation that I made of Feist's appearance on Sesame Street here.

Video Tutorials from Russell Stannard are here.

ESL Video

This is a site where you can add multiple choice questions, a transcript and language notes to YouTube videos.

A brief intro video I made using screenr is here.

Go and try a video quiz I put together called "Ice Time" here.

Video Tutorials from ESLVideo are here.



Go and try a VoiceThread about Peter's Drive-in here.

Tutorials for VoiceThread are here.

I presented about Forvo - a tool for pronunciation examples. Fun to play around with but mostly to share with your students so that they have a resource when you are not available.

At ATESL, I also mentioned a tool called Elovivo. You can find it here.


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