Tools mentioned:
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A place to call "home":

Course Management Systems (CMS) such as Blackboard
If your school doesn't have an institution wide CMS, then the easiest way for you to manage your instruction, provide access to information, documents, links and more is to set up a wiki for your class.
More information on wikis here.

Photo albums:

You don't need to add your personal photos to be able to benefit from signing up for Flickr. Start with an account and create some "galleries" (collections of other people's images) for your class. Use the advance search option to look for images shared with a Creative Commons license (learn how to do that here). You can add your own photos and choose whether to make them public or private.

My galleries

Using the "cloud":


Bookmarks Plus:


The Digital "Pensieve":

How good is your memory? Did you come across a web address that you want to remember for later? How about an image, a page or article that you want to share with others? Having a way to CAPTURE digital sources can be a big help.
QR codes - create your own at QR Code Generator

More information about using QR codes in Education (Livebinder site)

Livebinder is a place to collect websites, videos, pdfs and images, to organize them with tabs and to present them to others.
Make a livebinder for your class themes, for extra practice opportunities, or for class projects.
Example of a Hallowe'en Livebinder.

Time Management:

Remember the Milk

Managing lists on notepads, slips of paper only works if they are always with you. Remember the milk keeps your list accessible from any computer or on your mobile device. Set up lists for the repeated tasks you do each term. For repeated tasks around a class, a project, a group. You can tag and organize your tasks. You can share your lists with others.
Google Calendar

You can share your calendars with others.Keep one schedule private and make another schedule public.

Other mentions

Time management for Knowledge workers explained in "Getting Things Done" - by David Allen
Build your own Personal Learning Network (PLN) using Twitter

I didn't have time for:
Doodle (a survey/scheduling tool)

These are just a few examples of tools that can support your instruction.

Are there other tools you use to provide solutions for the following questions?