Presentation for E-Learning Symposium
May 13, 2011
Red Deer, Alberta

PowerPoint Presentation

This will open the PowerPoint show in full screen. You can click to advance as well as click on the embedded links, hyperlinks, and videos. More content from this presentation can be found at the link below to the model slideshows.

Follow along link for Models

Try it On activity(there wasn't time for this in the presentation in Red Deer by if you want to try out these tools, here are some ideas to get you started.

Activity One:Create a mini PowerPoint presentation and add a hyperlink between pages.(Tutorial with the steps to follow.)and / orCreate a mini PowerPoint presentation and embed a YouTube video.(Tutorial with the steps to follow.)
Activity Two:Use an existing file (Presentation or Document) and upload it to Slideshare.
Activity Three:Contribute a comment to one of my Voicethreads hereOR Create your own Voicethread.(use the great tutorials that you will find under "My Voicethreads" after you log in.)
Activity Four:Create a simple Prezi. Add some text, an image and a video. Add a path for the show to follow.Tutorials for Prezi available on the site here.